Blogging in the Library

What is a blog?
Video (Blogs in Plain English)

Online "software" to use to create your blog
Google Blogger (will have "blogspot" in address)
Edublogs (filtered, can create student blogs along with teacher blogs)
Kidblog (filtered, easy to use)
WordPress (lots of features, download software, more difficult to use, but more powerful)
Lots of others

Elementary School Library examples:

Blossomwood Elementary - Huntsville

Holly Whitt - Walnut Grove (MCSS)

Wendy Stephens - MCSS

Other library blogs recommended: (Travis Jonker) (Jon Schumaker) (Shannon Miller, K-12 school)

Blogs for Librarians

100 Best Blogs for Librarians

Booking Through Thursday

Booklist online (see example of Taft book trailer, books list for Oscars, etc.)

Library Day in the Life

books: (Anita Sivley) (Betsy Bird) (Jen Robinson) (Jules Danielson, works for Kirkus but lives in Nashville, part of Kidlit group there)

American Association of School Librarians blog

App-of-the-week reviews for the Young Adult Library Services Association blog

Wendy Stephens - MCSS


How to follow blogs - RSS (real simple syndication)
What is RSS? (RSS in Plain English)
Readers - Google Reader

Other Blogs:

Kim Munoz

Richard Byrne from Free Technology for Teachers

I learn Technology

Wesley Fryer's Speed of Creativity

Techy Things Teachers Should Try

The Daring Librarian

Anita Silvey's Children's Book Almanac
offering readers great insights into new and older books.