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Class Project #2

Classroom Project #3

How to Use

Click anywhere on Cork board to add a note.

Click on color tab in bottom right corner to change the color of a note before clicking on corkboard to place it.

The web link for sharing your Corkboard is located in bottom left corner of screen. You can view it, embed it on a webpage or share the link with others.

To Change Text Attributes

Step 1: Select your text.
First, select the text you’d like bolded, underlined or italicized.

Step 2: Select action.
Press the appropriate hotkey for what you’re looking for:
  • Ctrl + B will bold.
  • Ctrl + I will italicize.
  • Ctrl + U will underline.

For Mac users, substitute the Command key for the Ctrl key.

View Only Mode for Presentations

Ever wanted to show someone your cork board but didn’t want them to edit it?
Use the view-only URL to ensure your cork stays yours. Find it in the bottom left corner of your board. Share this address with others.

Embed your corkboard on your own website

Have a website? Add your corkboard to it! Like your favorite video sharing site, adding your cork board to your own website is as easy as clicking a few buttons and clicking paste.
Find the embed tag right next to the view-only URL. Copy it to the clipboard. Follow instructions for web page software to embed the copied code.

Collaborating on same Corkboard (also chatting)
Whether that’s mocking up a new storyboard, brainstorming a new idea, or trading dinner ideas with your wife or husband —

See changes in real time

This feature got us really excited. If your coworker adds a new note, you see it. If your boss makes an edit, you get it. If your hubby adds a picture, you see that picture too — no need to be in the same room, no need to continuously refresh the page.

Chat with other viewers

Sometimes there are things that just don’t fit well on a cork board, and when working with others, conversation can be one of those things. That’s why we implemented a chat feature so you can communicate with others contributing to your board.

Find what you’re looking for - built in mini map

If you’re working with others and have many notes, finding them can be trouble. Use the built-in mini-map to easily find what you’re looking for.
Click on map in bottom right corner to navigate to different parts of the corkboard.

Adding Images to Your Cork Board

First, find an image on the Internet.
Use any image you like, the only caveat being it must be somewhere on the internet.
If it’s not in the internet, you can use image uploader websites like

Second, get that image’s URL.
(the location that the image resides on the internet)
The easiest way to do this is to right click on your image and select, “Copy Image URL.”
Depending on your browser, you may have to select, “Copy Image Location”, or choose the “Properties” option and copy the URL from the resulting popup window.

Third, create a new note, and paste in the URL.
This is as easy as clicking on your corkboard, right clicking inside the note and selecting “Paste.” The note will turn into your photo which you can move and size appropriately.