Class Project #1

What is Skrbl?

  1. Skrbl is a web based application, it can be used as a ‘shared session’ where you collaborate with your colleagues and friends or it can be your own private online clipboard saving your data .
  2. Since skrbl is web based you can access your clipboard/sessions from any computer connected to the Internet.

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How to use skrbl?

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Brainstorm - Using a whiteboard helps in communicating and developing your ideas but what about when you can't be in the same room together? Use skrbl as your online whiteboard, just like a whiteboard, write things as they come to mind, erase or edit what you want to change. skrbl (like a 'real' whiteboard) is a flexible, and spontaneous medium let your ideas flow free without the constraints of formal communication as in other media like a document or eMail. Use skrbl to brainstorm and collaborate online.

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Meeting Notes - Record observations, to do items, task assignments and other takeaways from meetings on skrbl. All attendees can record their own notes on the meeting Whiteboard, and since everyone is watching the same whiteboard, corrections can be made immediately. Avoid miscommunication, save some time and resources.

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Clipboard - Use skrbl as an online clipboard, write personal notes, Telephone numbers, schedules, reminders, etc. Literally the kinds of things that you'd normally scribble on some handy piece of paper, put these in skrbl and you can access them anytime, anywhere. Mark your skrbl 'private' and it can't be accessed by other users.

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Bulletin board - Introduce your team to skrbl and use it as a bulletin board for your team or project, post announcements, notices, notes... etc. All the things that need to be announced to the entire team. We think it is so much more convenient than emails with long cc lists.